Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We'll Skip The Pictorial Commemoration Of This Event, If It's Ok With You.

Imagine the scene:

Patrick, Meaghan, Mary Bernadette, Me, and Camille kneeling around Christopher, all in his glory,  while he sits on the throne big boy potty.

(Now that's pressure--going to the bathroom with 5 people watching.)

"You can do it, Christopher!" I encouraged.

"Yeah, you're a big boy now," Patrick told him.

"If you go on the potty, you'll get some candy!" Meaghan promised.

A few minutes later, victory was ours.


He did the deed and the crowd went wild.

We cheered.  We clapped.  We hugged and Patrick yelled, "Quick, Mom!  Get the camera.  We need a picture of it!"

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  1. You should have this on video tape as a real memory moment!!!!


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