Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is springing!

I had a slew of kids over to the house yesterday--my five plus five more.  It was a gorgeous day which motivated my children to finish their school work so they could get outside and soak up the sun. 

Once their friends arrived, the kids spent the afternoon digging in the mud, toting rocks and broken bricks to and fro, collecting worms in jars (and then breaking the jars, thereby killing the worms), playing ball, and creating makeshift ''gardens'' (also known as piles of rocks/bricks with flowers and sticks stuck between crevices).   While they worked, I made snacks and constantly made sure everyone was safe.

It was fun and unstructured and everyone, including me, enjoyed themselves.

I love wonderful, memory-making kind of days like these.

It's what happy childhoods are made of.

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