Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Social Mutants?

"Have you met my children?" 

That's what I wanted to ask the lady who feel completely comfortable sharing her concern over my children's lack of socialization skills due to the fact they're homeschooled.

I'm concerned about lots of things (ruining them for life with my perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, for example), but their socialization?

It's not on my short list.

She also expressed concern over my inability to 'catch' certain learning issues should they arise.

I assured her I have a background in education and am acutely aware of their abilities given the fact I'm the one who works with them every. single. day.

"Their educational strengths and their weaknesses are like old friends of mine," I told her.

Given this woman's concern over my decision to homeschool, you can imagine my amusement when the hair stylist quipped, "Your kids are so smart!"

I had taken the boys to get their hair cut and during his turn in the chair, Patrick regaled his new friend (and because he's loud like his mother, the entire barber shop) with all kinds of fun facts.
"Did you know," he asked her as she worked busy scissors through his bushy mane,  "the human head sheds about 90 hairs per day?"

"It does?  How do you know that?" she responded, bent over his hair line like a surgeon performing a serious procedure.

"I read it in my book about the human body," he said, grinning at her through the mirror.

The hair stylist looked over at me, busy bouncing Camille on my hip to keep her entertained, and we both laughed.

 Yeah, like I said--socialization and learning issues (for right now, anyway), they're not on the short list.

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