Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...sunny and beautiful.  The kids are running wild outside.  I love it.

I am thinking...the Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure program is the best thing around.  I love using the emailed videos and worksheets as teaching tools to help the kids better understand the Liturgical season.  It's awesome.  If you and your kids aren't sighed up yet, head on over and do so immediately.  You'll be so glad you did.  (PS. Teachers can use it in their classrooms.)

I am thankful...for the 12! cheese pizzas John brought home last night.  When one of his customers heard we have 5 kids, she gave him a case gratis.  Friday meatless meals just got a lot easier around here!

In the kitchen...homemade humus.  I used this recipe from Ina Garten and added roasted red peppers per one of the suggestions in the combox.  Delicious.

I am wearing...jeans and a pink t-shirt.

I am creating...plans for a tea party.  Meaghan, Mary Bernadette, and I volunteered to host an end of the year garden party for their Little Flowers Girl Club.  We're using Barbara Berry's Pink Princess Party Cookbook which is so cute it makes me want to throw a pink princess party for my homeschooling mom friends.  If you have a little girl that likes to cook and likes all things pink, this is the book for her.

I am keep using the sacrifice bean jar we instituted this year.  On or about Ash Wednesday, we put some beans to be used as counters in a jar. For every sacrifice or good deeds the kids do, they get to put a bean in the jar.  On Easter Sunday all the beans will be replaced with jelly beans.  I've never seen my kids so motivated to serve.  They seem to think the more sacrifices/good deed beans they have in the jar, the more jelly beans they'll get.

I am wondering...why I struggle with Lenten sacrifice so much but my kids seem to do just fine.  Is it because I'm older and more attached to worldly pleasures?  

I am reading...Jesus of Nazareth by Benedict XVI, A Father's Tale by Michael O'Brien and Little House on the Prairie with the kids.

I am hoping...for a good Lent. 

I am looking forward to...a visit from an old friend.  She's coming on Today to spend the afternoon and to eat dinner with us.  It's gonna be

I am learning...I must constantly readjust my standards of how I want things to be versus the way things can be.

Around the house...I hate this prompt...why is it here?

I am pondering...this article entitled "Father, we're ready for that homily on contraception now" all all the comments.  Father, some of us have been ready.

A favorite quote for today..."When the woman suffering from a flow of blood believed and touched the hem of the Lord's clothing, her flow of blood dried up.   In the same way, every soul wounded by sin and punished by a flood of evil thoughts will be saved if it draws near to the Lord in faith."--St. Ammon

One of my favorite things...the movie The Way.  John and I loved the characters in this movie.  This is a good one for Lent, I think.

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, visiting with friends, my first camera class, and helping at an auction for Dedo's school.

A peek into my day...
Meaghan's been telling me I should set the breakfast tables dishes out at night so we don't have to scrounge around in the morning.  (I think she read this somewhere and apparently thought it a swell idea.)  Last night, I let her do it.  Honestly, it did make the morning flow a bit smoother.

Homemade dresses for miniature pets via cut up baby socks.  The girls took the initiative.  I just knew there would be a reason to keep those mismatched socks hanging around...

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