Friday, September 23, 2011

To The Kind Lady At Mass Today:

Thank you for holding Camille so I could collect the toddler who was busy crawling up the aisle on all fours, tongue waging like a dog.

And thank you for taking care of her for the remainder of Mass so I could 'manage' my three other hoodlums   precious angels who were busy tossing books, standing and walking fully erect across the pew in order to get to a desired spot, wrestling with one another, and having full conversations in regular speaking voices.

There is a special place in heaven for people as merciful and as understanding as you.


  1. It sounds like your children act up in public as do mine. If yours do that then I need not beat myself up and moan, "where did I go wrong," but instead keep trying and trying and TRYING to instill proper public behavior. Maybe in 18 years will it come? :) May God bless your family! And thank you for encouraging those of us who are behind you on the Mommy road. SB

  2. I am ever so thankful for the older women in our Church who entertain my littlest ones during mass each Sunday. This morning, the two youngest were attempting to ruin the installation mass of our new pastor and embarrass their mother, in front of the Bishop, no less. The lovely ladies of the Parish swept in, just in the nick of time, thoroughly enjoyed my children, and gave me the only peace I get all week. The the Lord!

  3. SBCE--you aren't doing anything wrong. Your kids are acting like kids in addition to helping you grow in humility. :)

    bebcarroll--Isn't it great when they have an audience, especially the bishop? :)

    God bless you both!


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