Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mary Bernadette's First Day Of School

When Patrick and Meaghan first began school a few years ago, I was so overwhelmed with child-rearing, school was a welcome milestone.  As I've settled into motherhood and managing multiple children, I don't feel quite as desperate for back up as I once did.  I'm more confident in my abilities and life isn't as stressful.  (Patrick's illness put a big strain on my time, nerves, and attention.)  So the decision to send Mary Bernadette to school was really difficult.  

We originally enrolled her into a full time program but when I realized she wasn't ready for that (and neither was I), we rethought it.  But then the older kids started school and I realized she was bored silly at home with me.  After a few months of looking, we found a good solution; we put her in the Early Childhood Development Center at the same school Patrick and Meaghan attend.  She goes four days a week for half a day.

It's a win-win for everyone.

She started on Monday.  When I picked her up, she cried because she didn't want to leave.
Her Spanish and Religion teacher told me she had a great day and was very well behaved. 
I'll admit, I do miss her during the hours she's gone.  Christopher does too.
She certainly looks the part, doesn't she?
I don't know why I worry...she did just fine.

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