Friday, July 16, 2010

Loving the Netflix

For Christmas, my generous brother gave my family a Wii game console.  My children, my husband, Grandpa Murphy, and even Aunt Meaghan, love it.  It's entertaining and challenging.  It's been such a great gift,  we've been content to use it for it's original purpose--which is to play games.

However, as you all know, technology is an ever changing beast of burden.  I love it because the possibilities are endless.  Yet,  it's a pain because new gadgets and gizmo's usually require a significant learning curve. (Just ask me about my new computer.  I don't even know half of what it does!)  I'll confess, this is the reason it took me a few months to motivate myself to stream Netflix videos to my Wii console per my brother-in-law, Brian's, recommendation.  

This past weekend, however, John and I renewed our subscription to Netflix (we are on-again, off-again users of this particular Internet service) and the company kindly sent us a disc to help us get started.  Yesterday afternoon, as the kids begged to watch their third video of the day sought some wholesome family entertainment, I caved and fished out the start up disc.  After about an hour, I had successfully streamed Netflix films onto my television using the Wii. 

And it's AWESOME!!!

Not only will our children love the family friendly movies available, John and I have loaded a few of our own favorite films into the instant que for our viewing pleasure.  I'm totally excited and it was fairly easy to install.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Then, last night a friend of mine posted this list of good Catholic movies available on Netflix.  Bonus!  

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