Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. Nicholas

My dear friend, Rebecca, shared that in other countries children leave a letter to Jesus in their shoes on the eve of St. Nicholas' feast. St. Nick takes the handwritten note and delivers it to the Christ Child. Enchanted by the idea, I made sure Patrick, Meaghan, and MB dictated their messages to a scribe so their words would make it to the One Whom matters most.

The final products were beautiful and each child took a great deal of time decorating and signing their letters personally.  They then folded and placed the written words in their shoes to be picked up by Saint Nicholas.  Before he came, I borrowed their notes to share with you.

Patrick's read:
Dear Baby Jesus,
I love you. Baby Jesus, I wish you were alive. Baby Jesus, why are you laying in hay? Baby Jesus, I'm going to kiss you! Baby Jesus, I'm going to hug you--a huge hug!

Meaghan's read:
Dear Baby Jesus,
Baby Jesus, when will Santa come? Baby Jesus, are you going to be Santa? Jesus, can you please get me a pony? Baby Jesus, I love you. Baby Jesus, you will be born from Mother Mary. Baby Jesus, you are so good and I love you. Baby Jesus, help me to not drag the chairs on the floor.

MB's note--the simplest but perhaps the most poignant:
Dear Baby Jesus,
I love you forever.
Mary Bernadette

I think this will become a yearly tradition.  

Saint Nicholas left pajamas (not a traditional token but they were much needed).  I don't know what happens to the sleepwear in this house but it seems we never have enough these days.  It doesn't help that all four of them desire pjs of the footsie variety.

His mom is still better to him than St. Nick's gifts left in a shoe.

He has a new favorite trick.  When I ask him for a kiss, he head butts me instead.  Leaves me feeling the love.

The girls wore their Santa sweaters to Mass this morning in honor of St. Nick.  They were gifts last year from Grandma Murphy and I love them!  

Happy Feast Day!  Hope St. Nicholas left you something exceptional.



  2. Granddad MurphyDecember 08, 2009

    Cover all your bets! St Nick would work for me if I were that age also. I really like the idea!!!


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