Sunday, July 26, 2009

No boys allowed.

Because we hang with families that have multiple and many children, we tend to get invited to lots of birthday parties. Of course, my children delight in these events but I often allow myself to get stressed out in choosing an appropriate birthday gift. "What if they have this game? Do they even like superheroes? I can't remember if they have this toy or not. Maggie is one of Meaghan's really good friends. I don't want to buy just anything." and so the list goes. (Just imagine what it's like to be in my brain. It's exhausting, I tell you. Exhausting.)

It's not unusual for us to attend at least one birthday party in a weekend so not only do I have the stress of purchasing a gift, but all these little items tend to add up. One of Meaghan's closest friends in a little girl named Mary Kate. Her mom and I have been friends since before we were married. Each of us have been pregnant together. Mary Kate recently had a birthday. Of course, for weeks before I agonized about a gift. I wanted to give her something meaningful, something she would remember, but I couldn't think of anything.

So, we did something different. Meaghan made her a homemade card and I printed off a coupon that I made on the computer. It read "This coupon entitles you to one girls' only movie night complete with pizza, popcorn, and more!"

Admittedly, the gift didn't get rave reviews during the party. A piece of paper isn't nearly as fun as a baby toll that cries actual tears. I get that. But, my girls were thrilled by the prospect of a special night just for them and they repeatedly asked me when we were going to do it.

So, Katie and I picked a night when both of our husbands were working late. She took Patrick for a boys' night (he was so excited he asked me if he could take a nap at 8:30 am because he knew that afterwards he was going to Sebastian's) and I got the girls. I rented a special movie, bought some pizza, and purchased three of the most girlie-girl colored bottles of nail polish available. After applying make up, we painted toes and finger nails. The three of them were thrilled and it really was a treat. For all of us.

The three girls friends watched the movie in their pajamas.

Mary Bernadette's chubby, painted nails. Why is it that little girls love make up and nail polish? Katie told me that when Mary Kate's nail polish began to wear off, she started crying and asked "Please can you take me back so Mrs. Colleen can fix it?" We've already done several rounds of painted digits at my house. It's one of life's small pleasures and I'm gonna let them have it.

By the way, I'll totally give this gift again for it was great for both the giver and the receiver profited.

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