Monday, April 13, 2009

A few ideas for Easter.

1. A couple of years ago my Mom gave us these Resurrection Eggs. They are a fabulous teaching tool and provide a tactile way for the kids to learn about the events leading up to Jesus' death.

Last year, I found this nifty little book that accompanies the eggs. We've been reading it while using the eggs and the kids really like it. The book and the eggs are perfect in the few days before and after Easter Sunday.

2. When we went on Missions a few years ago, we took this idea from the wonderful Mulholland family with whom we stayed. Take an empty shoe box and wrap it in grey construction paper/felt/or some other kind of rock colored material. Then, cut out a paper figure of Jesus and wrap Him in white tissue paper or toilet paper. On Easter Sunday (or even after) leave the tomb empty and use the box as a "basket". Fill it with candy and other small treats. I've never figured a way to work this one into our Easter Sunday repertoire but since Easter lasts for 50 days, we are probably going to do this one this week.

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