Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quiet Time

This afternoon as the children slept, I was thoroughly enjoying my "quiet time" when I heard a distinctive cry from a bedroom. Terror gripped my heart...."Not yet," I though, "it's too soon." You see, Mary Bernadette is into everything these days...full tilt and full throttle. When she's up my main focus is to keep her off of counter tops, out of cupboards and out of danger! Quickly I said a little silent prayer..."I'm not quite ready yet, Lord."

As I went back to my reading, this is immediately what I opened to:

"At times vanity blinds us and distorts our clear vision of things. Especially when we look for showy events and forget God's lesson to Elijah: the storm came and the hurricane passed by, but God was found only in the soft breeze that came up front he sea (Kings 19:11-12). In the simple things, in the at times monotonous and unremarkable duty of every day.

Christ gives us this lesson too. He didn't go after the big events, but rather hid himself in the little...I hope that Christ's example will help you give yourself to your mission with the child-like simplicity that seeks out God in the most insignificant details of your duty. "

Ok, I got the message, Lord, find happiness in the mundane. Your will comes through filling sippy cups, changing diapers, and picking up toys. This truly is a blessing, I know. But I still can't help but ask: can you let that little Energizer Bunny go back to sleep anyway?!


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