Friday, February 22, 2008

Hidden treasures of the heart

Today is bear day at Patrick's school and this morning when I reminded him, he quickly got up to put his favorite in his bookbag. Later, I went to put his lunch in his sack and I wondered what kind of hidden treasures I was going to find in there along with his bear. Although I tell him not to, Patrick always mangages to sneak play cars, trucks, cell phones, dolls and the like into his bag in the hopes that I won't notice and he can bring them to school to share them with his friends. So as I wandered over this morning, I was surpised when I saw this...the crucifix nestled perfectly on top of his bear. When I asked him why he put Jesus in his bookbag, he told me "We're going to the chapel today." Of course...

Today, unlike most days, I didn't remove the buried treasure.

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  1. Precious beyond words. I LOVE THIS BLOGSITE!


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